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Notice on Letters
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Disclosed or not:
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* You may submit the information without registration. Please keep file number and inquiry code in good condition for further query.
* Please fill in correct contact information so that we may contact you.
1. Please register before writing your letter. Please properly keep your username and password for your logging in. If unregistered, please remember inquiry code of your letter and you can inquire the processing status of your letter.
2. Letter writer must abide by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Please state the event clearly and completely based on the facts and explain the problem in a faithful, objective and fair way. Those who slander, snare, defame, or retaliate others must be responsible for all the subsequent legal consequences.
“Public Voice Linked” accepts:
(1) Complaint and whistle-blowing about efficiency, work style, probity and self-discipline and other aspects of our municipal government, governmental departments and staff;
(2) Opinion and reasonable advice on reform and opening-up, economic construction, urban management, environmental protection, social undertaking and other aspects of our city;
(3) Consultation about responsibilities, procedures, relevant laws and regulations of each governmental department.
(4) Hot and difficult issue that occurs in social life and reflects public everyday life and the suggestion and appeal for solutions.
(5) Other problems need “Public Voice Linked” to address.
“Public Voice Linked” does not accept:
(1) Matters that have already into legal procedures such as judicature, arbitration, and administrative review;
(2) All hostile-attack letters;
(3) Issues that involve army and military region;
(4) Pertain to national security and confidentiality requirement;
(5) Complaint and consultation is ambiguous and vague that cannot be investigated or replied;
(6) The content is identical or similar with the letters that have been replied
(7) The letter that has been replied and does not raise any new problem.
(8) Other matters that are outside the terms of reference of the municipal government.
3. Please send one letter for one thing. The content must be complete with all necessary elements, clarifying time, place, people, thing and other elements, or the letter will be treated as an invalid letter. If you have other supporting documents, you can upload them as attachments. Moreover, please provide correct contact information for investigation and handling of acceptance department.
4. Thank you very much for your substantial support to the work of our municipal government, and we will guarantee that your personal information will not be divulged.